A very proud day indeed.

Yesterday was a very proud day for me, and I'd like to share it with you.
My presentation at the World Suicide Prevention Day Forum was incredibly well recieved. I'm so grateful to my new friends at the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention for the opportunity to talk in such a forum about laughter and it's role in mental health. I'm really excited and encouraged as to where this road is taking me. AND THEN..

We had an amazingly successful night at our Sha...ring of Laughter Day Free Event at The Sit Down Comedy Club. Packed house, great show, and we managed to raise a total of $ 711.60 that will be donated to Soldier On, helping to support the mental health of our returned service men and women.

It's a team effort though, and I'd like to acknowledge the following people for helping make yesterday and last night possible. Comedians Michael Bennett, Anne Howe, Marty Lappan, Aaron Pratt,and Damien Power.Fedele from The Sit Down Comedy Club My Fundraising team Belinda Rygier and Renee..(outstanding work girls) The Parkwood International Golf Club, Jenni Burke for radio airtime. 612 ABC Brisbane for radio airtime, Griffith University's Health Faculty Media Department, Jacinta and Wendy from The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention. My angel Sophie Thomas and Brian Pritchard for ensuring that 'I'm Ok' and last but by no mean least. My extended network of FB friends and readers of my posts. If this is you, I know that your social media feeds are often bombarded with requests of support for worthy causes of all kinds. If you have liked, commented or shared any of my material, I'd like to take this opportunity to personally say THANK YOU for feeling as though what we are doing is worthy of your attention and support.

As much as we've done, there is still lots more to do. For now though, I have to hit the books and get stuck into some uni assignments. Hope everyone has a great day and an awesome weekend ahead.


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