Gearing up for the first show.

A few days out from the first of my “It's About Time” shows and while the nerves are starting to creep in, I’m confident that everything will go according to plan.

The main objective of putting on these shows is to get the corporate booking agencies to check it out. After having performed Stand Up in the pubs and clubs for the past 12 years I feel as though it’s now time to move into the corporate arena on a more permanent basis.

For a few years now I’ve wanted to find a way to combine motivation with Stand Up Comedy, and it’s only been in recent times that I’ve managed to find a way to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The motivational aspect of this show stems from ideas I’ve been harbouring for a long time now. In the 1990’s I spent 5 years in the State Emergency Service where I attained numerous accreditations which included; Team Leader, General Instructor, Psychology of Rescue Instructor, Land Search Operations Specialist, and was a Counter Disaster Management Commitee member. At that time I had no idea I was ever going to step into the entertainment industry let alone be a Comedian, and yet with every class I gave back then making people laugh just seemed to be part of the learning process.

The State Emergency Service is an excellent organisation and at times they get called upon to do some pretty hard work. If you have the time to volunteer, I highly recommend it as it’s very rewarding and you get to do some pretty cool stuff.

A big thank you goes out  to Jacqui and Brenton Edgecombe who gave me the opportunity to preview my show in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. The feedback was very positive from all who attended and helped put to rest any doubts I may have had about how the show content would be received.

Having said that though, I’ll admit to still being a bit nervous. I think that if I wasn’t nervous there would be something wrong with me. (Some may say there is anyway)

Tomorrow I pick up the 2 big TV screens that are a major part of the show, then head to Brisbane tomorrow night to be interviewed by Josh Robertson from the Courier Mail. Josh tells me he’d like to get a story printed in this Saturday’s Q Confidential section of the Courier Mail, so hopefully that will help ticket sales.

Tomorrow is also the birthday of a close friend, excellent Comic and all round performer, Michael Bennett  Happy Birthday mate, and thanks for all of your support and help over the past few months.

So a few days to go and I’m feeling a bit nervous. It’s a good thing I’ve recently purchased a nice comfy cushion to sit and meditate on.

Till next time, enjoy every day and rest well every night.

Mark McConville

 PS. Future blogs wont be this long, I promise.


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