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Well it’s been a pretty busy week with the main focus being on getting the online store part of the website up and running.

Thanks again to Andrew from Wyatt Software for all of his help in getting the store synchronized with PAYPAL. Now anyone visiting the site can purchase any of my products online with the security of a PAYPAL transaction. I’m offering FREE postage within Australia and have a special package deal which includes my dvd, book and cd.

Check out the new Online store HERE.

Thanks to everyone that came along to the Sit Down Comedy Club shows last weekend, they were great fun. This coming Monday will see me back on the set of Terra Nova. Hopefully the rumors of the show heading back to the states will be quashed as it would be a shame for the industry as a whole to lose such a massive production.

The schoolies have been and gone and surprisingly they weren’t any trouble at all.
In actual fact it was quite funny walking out into my lounge room in the mornings to see these young guys passed out everywhere. Three nights out in a row and they were knackered the poor babies. The youth of today getting a bit soft I reckon. I’ve still got a six pack of Strong Bow Cider that they left in my fridge, anyone want it?  

I’m more interested in the bottle of Jack Daniels that they bought me for letting them stay. Thanks lads, was great having you here and I hope you had an awesome schoolies.

Being the cricketing tragic that I am, I’m not to happy at the moment with the way
The Ashes have started, I mean come on boys let’s at least give the Poms a run for their money. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, get onboard your Aussie cricket team and send them some lovin, because right now, the English are giving us a good old fashioned spanking!!! 

Greg Norman is in Australia at the moment playing golf, and Oprah is on her way !!! U2 are going to be belting out their superb rock all over the land, and Wikileaks has all the world leaders saying the exact same thing, “I thought their country liked us?”

And to top it off, this week we lost a comic legend.
RIP Leslie Nielson

So if you’re looking for some relief from the madness, head to my new online store and purchase some laughter to share with your friends this silly season.

Till next time,

Enjoy every day, and rest well every night.

Mark McConville


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