Have just settled into my cabin on board the cruise ship Pacifc Dawn and we are leaving Dunedin shortly. It's been a very long day having made the decision to not go to bed last night so as there was no way I was going to miss my 5 am flight this morning. And sure enough, I was at the Brisbane airport at 4.20 am debating whether or not I was willing to part with $8.00 for a lousy looking Bacon & Egg roll.

I mean come on, are those people serious? !

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Shane & Tracy from Busy Bee Autos for their tireless work in organising yesterdays fundraising gig at the Logan Entertainment Centre. Early reports are that we managed to raise somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 for the Lockyer Regional Council to help them rebuild Grantham.

Also would like to thank Vanessa Bell, Nancy, Karen and Stephen from the Logan City Council for all of their help, and to my fellow MC Mike Van Acker for doing an excellent job on the main stage.

I will admit to being quite pissed off though when I found out that while there were so many people that were donating their time and services for this very worthy cause, there were at the same time certain organisations that actually charged us for their services yesterday. These people really musnt have any understanding of the word CHARITY. I mean $2,800 for a few security gaurds, that's woeful behaviour.

But to all of those who did it for the love and didnt ask for a single thing in return. Thank you.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day as we are apparently going to be sailing through a heap of fjords that are supposed to be amazing, so the camera will be out.

Hope everyone is well and safe at home.

Till next time,  enjoy every day, rest well every night.



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