An Interesting Viewpoint.

I’m back on dry land and thankful for a safe return home, smooth seas and great crowds.

Thanks to The Crew of the Pacific Dawn, Air New Zealand, Pacific Blue and Virgin for making my trip a pleasure from start to finish. Thanks also to the many passengers who stayed up late to hang out with me in The Dome. It was great fun.

Now when writing these blogs it can sometimes hard to know what to talk about other than my various travels of which you may or may not be interested, but every now and then something significant will happen that I believe deserves mention.

For me, it happened Wed night of this week as I sat and watched fellow comedian Adam Hill’s new show In Gordon Street Tonight.

It’s a great new show, and Adams an excellent host, if you haven’t already checked it out I highly recommend you get on board.

Anyway, this week he had on a guest by the name of Paul Watson.

Paul is one of the founding members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and is currently the Captain of the M/Y Steve Irwin.

What struck me most about this guy were his thoughts on the earth and what changes it’s going through.

Basically, he compared the earth to being a space craft hurtling through space. And as with any transportation, you have the crew, and you have the passengers. The earth, with it’s millions of living organisms that help to give us oxygen, food and shelter, is by definition “The Crew”

And we are merely the passengers. We think that we have the controls of the ship, but we don’t. The “Crew” is and always will be in total control of the ship.  

Pauls says, and I quote, “We’ve got to stop trying to kill the crew

An interesting viewpoint that I felt like sharing, hope you don’t mind.


Till next time,

Be kind.

Mark McConville 


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