Easter, another cruise, filming, and ANZAC day.

Once again getting the packing list together to make sure I haven’t missed anything as I get ready for my next cruise.

This Sunday I’ll be flying to Sydney for the night, and then up at 5 am for a 7.30 am flight to Noumea, then a day and a night there, before meeting the Pacific Jewel on Tuesday. Then it’s onboard until the 6th of May.

One show as we head from Noumea to Sydney, then new passengers and another show for a 3 day Food & Wine cruise out of Sydney, then new passengers again, and another show as we head up the east coast and I fly home from Cairns.
Should be good fun and hopefully smooth seas.

Since my last blog life has been fairly hectic with a lot of behind the scenes work stuff going on. In the last month I’ve auditioned for both The Queensland Theatre Company and The La Boite Theatre Company for there 2012 seasons and also managed to film a national Holden commercial which will go to air sometime around May or June as the ad is for Holden’s end of financial year sales. They cast me as a rural fire service worker which was pretty cool, so we’ll wait and see what that turns out like.

Also, I was lucky enough to get a very small part in Sea Patrol’s Episode 3 (Crimes of Passion) playing Detective Constable Frank Rutger. It’s not a speaking role, but I’m right in there with a very stern look on my face, so that’ll be interesting to see what that turns out like as well.

In other news pretty much everyone I meet seems to have an opinion on the whole 2012 , o no it’s the end of the world again scenario, which I can’t help but find amusing. There is so much literature out there on the subject of the Mayan calendar and their predictions that it can sometimes be hard to know who’s telling the right story. I’m hoping to do some research on this while I’m on the cruise and hopefully find some funny stuff out of all of the doom and gloom.

So, back to the packing for me, and I hope that this Easter break see’s you have a safe and enjoyable few days off.

And for what it’s worth, I highly recommend getting yourselves out of bed nice and early and attending a dawn service for ANZAC day. I did it for the first time last year, and my only regret was that I hadn’t done it previously. The dawn service at Currumbin beach was unreal. If I wasn’t going to be spending my ANZAC day in transit, that’s where I would be for sure.

And just before I go, I celebrate an anniversary of my own on Tuesday the 26th of April. This year’s anniversary marks 13 years to the day since my first ever stand up comedy gig. Meeting a cruise ship in New Caledonia is not a bad way to celebrate I reckon.

Till next time, enjoy……

Mark McConville


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