Cruise Update

I’ve been on board the Pacific Jewel since last Tuesday when I met the ship in Noumea and for the most part the seas have been calm and the audiences thus far have been great. I’ve already done two shows for two different sets of passengers and my last gig is tonight.

We set sail from Sydney yesterday afternoon and are steaming our way up the east coast towards our next port of call which is Airlie Beach on Thursday then I’ll be leaving the ship and flying home from Cairns on Friday.

As has been the case on many cruises I’ve worked on it’s always a pleasure to meet and work with other entertainers and this cruise has been no different.

This last weekend we did a three day food and wine cruise out of Sydney and onboard for the three days was the incredibly talented singer and entertainer Adam Scicluna.

I first met Adam at a fundraising gig we both did in Sydney about six years ago and it’s been a blast catching up with him again. Talk about a talent, he performed two shows on Saturday night in the 700 seat theatre and received a standing ovation at the end of both performances. I will admit that he even bought a tear to my eye with his rendition of “The Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera.

Adam toured Australia with the great Michael Crawford when he was out here doing The Phantom of the Opera and it’s no wonder because he’s got an incredible voice.

For more info on Adam check out

The past week has been great fun and I’m really looking forward to getting on stage in the theatre tonight for my last show. Hopefully it will be packed.

Till next time, enjoy.  

Mark McConville


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