TERRA NOVA  is back !!!

Back from another successful cruise, and back to hear some great news.

I received confirmation late this afternoon that we will resume shooting
Terra Nova here on the Gold Coast in about 1 weeks time and will be shooting right through until October.

There was a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not we would lose it altogether due to the rising of the Aussie Dollar, but thankfully, they’ve decided to come back and get into filming the whole first season. 13 episodes I believe.

Maybe there was something in the federal budget last night that sealed the deal for the foreign investors, I don’t know.

Check out the new preview that FOX has released by clicking HERE.

It’s amazing how when they say their coming back they get straight back into it.

My agent has informed me that they are going to be looking at the possibility of getting me playing a larger role, with auditions being held for a fair few speaking parts. So who knows, it’s way to early to get to excited about that stuff yet.

For now, it’s going to be a major juggle for a month or so while I get myself organised between comedy club gigs, corporate gigs, cruise ships, Terra Nova, Dreamworld, and my other projects, (soon to be released so watch this space) and fitting a life in there somewhere.

It’s all good though, and I will be making sure I get some “me time” in there so I can get out with my new golf clubs and hit it sideways into the bush so as I spend the rest of my day looking for lost golf balls in long grass…. Ahhh yes, it’s a wonderful pastime golf.

So that’s the news, and I can confidently say, “It’s all Happening !!”

Till next time,

Make the most of everyday people, and, be kind.

Mark McConville

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