July 3rd News

Every now and then you find out some great news.

For me, it’s been finding out today that Roger Waters from Pink Floyd fame is bringing  his THE WALL LIVE tour to Australia in Feb next year.

This is probably going to be our last chance to see a truly legendary stage show.

While it’s not Pink Floyd as such, Waters was one of the founding members of the band, and THE WALL was his crowning achievement. He pretty much wrote the entire album at home before presenting it too the other band members. The rest is history.

So in Feb next year you have the very rare chance to truly be a part of that history.

Roger Waters is without a doubt one of the true pioneers of combining Stadium Rock and Theatre. This is a show I guarantee you’ll never forget. 

I know I’ll be going; I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


In other news, I haven’t had a call up for TERRA NOVA as yet, but hopefully it won’t be far away. Also, this last week I’ve been informed that there are a couple of other big budget productions that are going to be filmed here on the Gold Coast and that they will be casting for local actors in the next few weeks. So that’s some really positive news for the industry.

Gigs have been going great, and my new project is taking up a lot of energy but its all good positive stuff.  

No announcements as yet, but stay tuned…..

I will also be releasing a new DVD called “Tellin It How It Is” in the next couple of weeks, so that’s also exciting news.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Till next time,  

Share the Laughter and the Love….

Mark McConville


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