July 21st News

The past couple of weeks have been all go work wise and it’s been great.

In the past seven days I’ve been to Mackay, Mt Isa, and Lismore, all for comedy gigs. There is never a dull moment in the entertainment industry. I’ve also been back on the set of Terra Nova, which has been great fun, not to mention fitting in a few days work at Dreamworld here and there.

When I got the call up for Terra Nova again I was wrapped, and even more so when I found out that the Director for these episodes is Jon Cassar from the U.S.

Jon is one of the most well respected directors in the business and he is probably best known for having directed numerous seasons of the hit show “24” starring Kiefer Sutherland.

I’ve been a huge fan of “24” for a long time, and the fact that I’m now getting to see Jon in action directing Terra Nova is a huge buzz for me. Everyday on set I have to stop myself from asking him for his autograph, I keep telling myself, “be cool”.

This Friday night I’m performing at The Basement Comedy Club at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, then on Sunday I’m heading to Caloundra to do a show at The Caloundra Events Centre. It’s a free show put on by the local council and I’ll be performing with fellow funny people, Mick Meredith, Chris Franklin and Mel Buttle. This is a mid afternoon show on Sunday and should be a lot of fun.

Also this week I’m launching my new DVD “Tellin it how it is” . This is a full headline set and also has an interview that I did for the Briz 31 show, Between The Lines.

The new DVD will be for sale in my Online Store within the next week.

As we say goodbye to the 2010-2011 financial year, I would like to thank all those who helped make the past 12 months so successful.

This new financial year brings with it new challenges as I spend countless hours at my computer working on a business plan for my new venture. It’s way to early to get excited about anything just yet, but one thing is for sure, if I get all of the planning right now, it will make life a lot easier later.

So for now, it’s back to the business side of the business of being funny.

Till next, share the laughter and the love.

Mark McConville


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