Building Comedy Unlimited Vol 3

July – Sept 2011 

Now that I had a name and a very basic outline of what it was that I wanted the business to do it was a case of starting on the business plan and look at just how I could possibly make this happen.

From very early on in the planning of this I wanted there to be a component of the business that was focused on giving back to and helping society.  It was about this time that I started to get a clear vision of how I could fit this aspect into the big scheme of things.

  • Started Business Plan
  • COMEDY UNLIMITED main logo design (Bunya Signs)
  • LIVING WITH LAUGHTER charity arm of business proposal created
  • LIVING WITH LAUGHTER business name registered
  • THE LAUGHTER BAR business name registered
  • Purchased domains for Online Networks, Living with Laughter and The Laughter Bar 
  • Trademark  applications submitted
  • The Comedy Unlimited Industry Awards conceptualised
  • Greg Knox  (Software Gazelle at randomnoun) joined CU
  • WorldWIde Online Printing re Logo design and partnership.
  • Amazon Web Services account set up.
  • Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge entry submitted.  
  •  Attended ILAB investment summit and started learning about the capitol raising process. Also met prospective Angel Investors at investment summit.
  •  Joined Silicon Beach Gold Coast business meetup group
  • Started researching QUT Entertainment Degree & Creative Industries Faculty contacts.
  • Meetings with:

Greg Knox                                                               (IT Support)

WorldWide Online Printing Southport                     (Logo Design & Development)

Sean Taylor                                                             (Business Advisor)

Mark Bathie                                                             (Business Advisor)

Dundas Lawyers                                                      (Legal Structure Advisor)

Labrador Tigers FC re Christmas Function

When QUT announced that they were offering their new ‘Entertainment Industries Degree’ I couldn’t help but look into it in greater detail as it seemed to be a degree focusing on the future of entertainment production and the entertainment industry. When it was clear to me that being associated with the university and this degree would be of huge benefit to our company I started researching ways in which CU could be an Industry Partner with the university.

Anyone that has had anything to do with building a business will tell you that the business is only as good as the team.  Due to the diverse nature of the business I knew that building the right team was going to take time. Luckily though, I’ve had some great advisors that help guide me in the right direction when it came to this.

As the team grew, so did the possibilities.


Mark McConville


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