Pre Conference Workshop

This workshop was very interesting as it was focused on the problem of loneliness in men and how it can lead to suicdal behaviours.

Covered such topic as:

  • Importance of needing to nuture relationships, both personal and societal.
  • Be wary of fearlessness in men when it comes to their physical well-being.
  • Look out for people that feel as though they are a burden on society and get them professional help.
  • The importance of getting back to nature. The stimulus we get from nature far outweighs the stimulus that we get from an urban environment.
  • Insomnia is a major problem. (he says writing this at 1.30am) so clearly this is an area i will have to personally work on to enable me to become more productive.  Strategy = Wake up at the exact same time everyday regardless of when you went to bed.
  • Men don't talk enough to each other.
  • Team sports are very good for our emotional well-being.
  • and much much more....


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