Day 1 Suicide Prevention Conference

It's been a pretty long day with lots of seminars and infomation overload in regards to statistics, facts and figures. The conference today had a few different rooms running at the same time so you could choose which lectures you wanted to sit in on. 

I pretty much spent the whole day checking out the 'general' division, which covered everything from the R U Ok? initiative to how technology can be used in the future to help combat suicides and provide education and support to people living in remote locations. All very interesting stuff.

Not a lof of today was relevant to the work that I'm doing with COMEDY UNLIMITED, however it has given me a real insight into the scope oft the problem and the amount of people that are involved accross the sector.

Also tonight we had the conference dinner and awards ceremony which was pretty cool. 

Really glad that I am a part of this as from what I've seen thus far, and the people that I've spoken too there seems to be a real need for a new approach and new innovation. When I've mentioned to people about our plans for raising the awareness of comedy and it's cognitive therapy benefits everyone seems very interested in and supportive of the concept.


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