Not enough fresh water !

There has been a change in plans and I'm now getting off this ship and flying home this Sunday instead of Wednesday.
The captain has just announced a change in our schedule because we didnt get enough fresh water put onto the ship while we were in Sydney. So instead of going to Noumea on Tuesday as planned, he is now taking us there on Sunday so we can get some more water. I'd hate to think how much that is going to cost, as the French pricing in Noumea is ridiculous. A few cruises ago I met a guy who took his family for lunch at McDonalds there and spent $94 AUS. Imagine spending $94 on lunch at Maccas...... What a McRipOff....
My show is on Sat night, so that's all good and I'm glad to be going home a bit earlier.
It was interesting though, he mentioned that the "Port Authority" in Sydney failed to put enough fresh water on the ship, mmmmm well thats kinda like blaming the guy behind the counter at the servo for not filling your tank....


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