Feb gigs and a new years resolution.

Upcoming gigs.

Feb 14th, 15th & 16th             Sit Down Comedy Club                  Brisbane
Feb 21st                                Stones Corner Hotel                       Brisbane
Feb 22nd                               Gold Coast Carts Centre                Gold Coast
Feb 24th                                Kingaroy
Feb 28th                                The Courthouse Hotel                   Gold Coast

Well I’m coming to the end of my 4th cruise in the past 5 weeks and it’s been a blast, however I'm really looking forward to spending some time at home.  I’m endeavouring to make some serious changes this year in my personal life and am hoping that they’ll equate to being more focused and diligent when it comes to working on Comedy Unlimited and making things happen.

A big thing for me is looking after my fitness, both physical and mental. For me personally, when I fall into the trap of not exercising and meditating on a daily basis it really has a detrimental effect on my ability to be able to focus and get things done. I suppose I’m like a lot of people in that we know what’s good for us however making change in our lives isn’t always that easy.  It’s something that we have to work on each and every day and it takes both time and a commitment to actually ‘wanting’ the change, and it’s never easy.

I remember when I first started out on the journey of wanting to be a performer around 15 years ago I would work on the the theory that if I did at least ‘1 thing’ every day that was aimed at my goal I was happy that that day I had done something positive for myself.   Now, 15 years later, I’m lucky enough to be flown around the world getting paid to do something that I truly love doing.  Not only that, I’m in the very fortunate position where I don’t really have to chase the work anymore, it finds me.  Let me tell you, as a performer or in fact an artist of any description to be in this position is a rare thing, and it’s something that I’ve worked very hard to achieve and something for which I am truly very grateful and proud of.

It’s no secret that I now have grand plans for Comedy Unlimited and Living With Laughter, lofty dreams of a company that helps comedians ascertain more financial security while helping to reduce societal stress, depression and ultimately suicides.  The dedication that has got me to where I am in my performing career is something that I now need to transfer into working on and building Comedy Unlimited, otherwise, it will simply remain a lofty dream.  It can be hard to continue to drive towards a specific goal when it seems so far out of reach, especially when you’re feeling alone and down both physically and mentally.  Luckily now, after having a rough second half of last year I’m starting to feel strong again in both of these areas

For those of you who have been so very supportive and patient I sincerely “Thank you” and I kindly ask for your continued support and belief in what we’re creating.  As my strength increases both physically and mentally so does my resolve.

Cheers people, and remember,

Live with Laughter..

Mark McConville


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