Terms and Conditions for booking a Stand Up Comedian for your corporate function.

Terms, Conditions and Considerations for booking a Corporate Comedian. 

Raised platform so as the 'entire' audience can see the performer and consideration needs to be given to sight lines if the venue has columns or any other obstructions that could hinder the audiences view of the stage. If a band is also being used on the night consideration needs to be given to allowing enough room for the comedian to move freely on the stage. 

Ideally the audience needs to be seated during the comedy performance. Also where possible all audience members should be seated facing the stage. 
If large round tables are being used and it's possible please seat only to the rear side of the table so as to ensure half the audience doesn't have their backs to the stage. 

All tables should ideally be placed as close to the stage as is physically and practically possible. If there is a dance floor that will 'not' be in use for the event please place the tables on the dance floor and as close to the stage as possible. If the dance floor 'is' to be used for the event please place tables as close to the border of the dance floor as possible. If using long rectangular tables please ensure that there are placed at a 'right angle' to the stage and 'not parallel' to the stage. Also allow gaps between them length wise where possible. 

Many comedians have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to the lighting for their show. As a general rule of thumb the stage area should be lit as much as possible with either a follow spot or wash ( white) while the audience should be placed in as much darkness as is practical while still allowing for the safe movement of guests and venue staff. 

Comedians are the same as singers in that they both rely on their voice being clearly projected and amplified through a quality 'stand alone' sound system. This 'does not' include an in house PA system where the speakers are mounted in the ceiling. While some of these systems may be good for announcing "Number 63 your steak and chips are ready!!" they unfortunately very rarely offer the quality and clarity that is required for a professional performance. Microphone of professional quality should also be used and if cordless new batteries installed prior to the performance. 

This is simple, there should be NO FOOD SERVICE during the performance. 
As a guide for a corporate breakfast, luncheon or dinner the 'ideal time' for the comedian to perform is 'after' the meals have been served eaten and then the tables have been cleared. For an audience of appox 200 people allowing around 45 minutes from when the meals come out to when the performance begins is usually enough time for the guests to have eaten and the tables to have been cleared. 
REMEMBER: The two main expenses of your event are the food and entertainment so allow your guests to enjoy each separately. In any case, It's hard to laugh with a mouth full of food. 

Please supply as much information as possible to the performer prior to the event in regards to audience numbers and demographics. Also if the comedian is undertaking the role of MC ideally the finalised running orders and notes should be made available no less than 2 days prior to the event. Time should also be allowed for any phone meetings with the performer to discuss the running order and schedule for the day. 

A 50% deposit is to be paid at the time of booking with the balance to be paid within 7 days after the event. Should the client cancel the booking within 14 days prior to the event the client agrees that the deposit will 'not be' refunded and will be retained as a cancellation fee. 

Having a comedian perform at your event is one of the most rewarding forms of entertainment that you could possibly offer your guests. Laughter is an excellent way of letting people relax and enjoy themselves. Not to mention the numerous 'Health Benefits' laughter offers, the least of which is the decreasing of stress levels within the body. 

Thank you for considering a Professional Stand Up Comedian for your event. 

Written by. 
Mark McConville 
CEO and Creative Director 
Comedy Unlimited 


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