Uni Application.

Griffith University

As the opportunity to work with The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention slowly becomes more of a reality it's been suggested that I undertake some formal study, so I've just applied for the following with Griffith University.

Griffith University is the first tertiary institution in the world to develop (and the only one in Austalia) to offer the Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention and Masters in Suicidology qualifications.

At the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP), our students learn from renowned researchers and clinical practitioners who are specialised in the field of suicide prevention.

AISRAP is one of three centres (Brisbane, Stockholm, Beijing) designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Suicide Prevention. AISRAP is also a Commonwealth National Centre of Excellence in Suicide Prevention.

As a graduate you will be equipped with specialist knowledge of suicidal behaviour that you can apply in an academic, policy or practical context within the fields of health, education, law enforcement, emergency, clergy, social and community service sectors.

Topics include:

    • social, demographic, cultural correlates and biological mediators that impact upon suicidal risk;
    • engagement and risk assessment within the context of the therapeutic alliance;
    • knowledge of crisis intervention responses, monitoring strategies and the identification of referral pathways;
    • examination of the wider social, legal and cultural perspectives that surround suicide and suicidal behaviour;
    • processes of scientific inquiry and the application of appropriate research methods to address questions relevant to suicidal behaviour;
    • and much more...




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