2 years off Anti Depressants & 2014 Wrap Up.

It has just occurred to me that I've just clicked over 2 years without having to take any anti depressants. There have been times recently whereas I've felt that I may need to go back on them, however maintianing my excercise and meditation practices along with the invaluable support of family and freinds has helped me get through some very stressful 2014 moments. 
While this past year has had it's challenges both personal and professional I'm very grateful that it's now ending on a positive note. Much of the past 12 months have been filled with varying levels of uncertainty. My personal life. my finances and my work have all been fairly turbulent to say the least and it gives me great peace to know that I've managed to come through these trying times with a new sense of excitement and anticipation for the future. 

I've learnt a lot about myself in this past year, some good and some not so good. 
Mistakes have been made, truths have been faced and lessons have been delivered.  Everything however has served its purpose in helping me grow, learn, and develop into a better businessman, comedian, partner and hopefully, a better person. 

Once again the support of Dr Clarence Tan has been invaluable for my professional progression and I can't thank him enough for sharing his time,. wisdom, knowledge and friendship with me. 

Having Jennifer Burke help me out over the past few months by means of taking command of my social media has also been of great help, Thanks Jen and I look forward to making more progress in the new year.

I'd also like to acknowledge the incredible help and kindness that was offered to me by my father Brian Pritchard. His financial support has meant a huge turnaround in my circumstances and has really enabled me to move forward in a positive way where before all I had in front of me was stress, darkness and despair. Thank you hardly seems enough. 

There have been so many global tragedies in 2014 that it can't help but put things into perspective. Many lives have been lost both close to home and a far, people we have known personally and strangers we have never met. Hopefully 2015 will see much more unity and peace in the world, we can only hope. 

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me in one way or another over the past 12 months. Whether it has been as simple as clicking 'Like" or commenting on or "Sharing" one of my FB posts or a phone call or txt msg of support, it's ALL very much appreciated. I'm very grateful to have so many people in my life that care in one way or another about my well being and what I'm doing with my work, it's truly humbling. THANK YOU SO MUCH ... 

2015 will be a very exciting year and I cant wait !!
A new loving and very stable relationship, new business opportunities, my first ever  attendance at University as a student and the forming of new and exciting partnerships which will see me being able to hopefully help so many people in the future overcome stress, anxiety and depression. YEP... it's going to be a very big year !!

My wish for everyone for 2015 is that you cherish those close to you and never take them for granted cos you never know when they'll be gone for ever. 

That love and peace finds you all and that laughter, health and happiness be your daily companions. 

Mark McConville


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