The Fox network in the United States has released a 30 sec preview of the 2 hour premier episode.

Being that it’s only 30 secs long I can assure you that I’m nowhere to be seen, so just enjoy it for what it is, a taster.

You can view it by checking out my Acting Videos Page.

As for the return of filming of the first season here on the coast, we haven’t heard anything as yet in regards to a start date, so will just have to wait and see. The rising of the Aussie dollar has many people within the industry concerned that we may lose it all together. Now that would be a huge shame, so lets hope it doesn’t happen.

Also, in the last couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work on the final season of Sea Patrol. I’ll be in Episode 3 “Crimes of Passion” playing Detective Const Frank Rutger. Unfortunately it’s not a speaking role, but I am in there looking quite official even if I do say so myself.

Other than that, it’s been a fairly steady start to the year with the standard comedy club gigs and also getting involved with the Logan Unites for Lockyer fund raising event. Check out the blog titled “Help me Help Them”

Even though the events of the past month have been heart breaking for many, I hope you, like me, have been inspired and uplifted by the many amazing stories of survival and the generosity of the people across this great land of ours.

What can I say other than, “Proud to be an Australian”

Till next time,

Enjoy every day, rest well every night, and lets look after each other.

Mark McConville


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