News from the cruise ship Pacific Dawn

Fiordland National Park New Zealand South Island, what an experience !

Milford Sound is the main drawcard of the Fiordland National Park and extends inland for 19 km. From the heights of Mitre Peak 5,560 feet and Pembroke Peak 6,710 feet, the valley walls plunge steeply beneath the water, reaching a depth of 1,680 feet near the fjord's head.

The park covers an area of some 12,000 square km, making it one of the largest national parks in the world.

This area of the south island of New Zealand is renowned for the rugged grandeur of its fjords, mountains, forests, waterfalls, and lakes. Sutherland Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in the world, drops 1,904 feet in three cascades.

The Pacific Dawn is a 70,000 tonne cruise ship and she was skilfully guided through this incredible natural wonder by one of the local pilots.

What a great way to spend my first full day on the ship.

Working on cruise ships is a great way to meet interesting people, both passengers and fellow performers. This cruise I've met Mentalist Sean Taylor.
Sean travels the world wowing audiences with his ability to literally read peoples minds. (Wouldnt we all love to be able to do that)

Sean's highly interactive show has been performed in over 15 countries and he frequently tailores to corporate clients, incorporating their products, services and slogans!

Added to this, he's a lovely down to earth guy, and we've been having a great time hanging out on the ship.

For more info on Sean visit

The first of my two shows is on tonight as we head back to Brisbane.

Then my second show will be for our new passengers as we head out to New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

I'm looking forward to getting on stage later this evening and having some fun.

Till next time, enjoy.

















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